Proteus Detergent Anion Exchange Mini Spin Columns

Protein Ark’s novel Proteus Detergent Anion Exchange (DetEx) Mini Spin Columns designed for rapid and effective removal of free detergents micelles and complete detergent exchange. They are optimized for membrane proteins with pI<8 in complex with non-ionic or zwitterionic detergents.  Simple and adaptable to your protein requiring only a microfuge for operation. 

Ideal for applications such as ELISA, IEF, MS and NMR which suffer from interference with excess detergents.


•  Weak Anion Exchanger for binding membrane proteins with pI<8 

•  Complete detergent exchange/removal

•  Column bed volume: 0.2 ml
•  Max sample loading volume: 0.4 ml
•  Typical protein binding capacity: 2 mg
•  Elution in a small volume (minimum volume 50 µl)


•  Universal appeal as most proteins have a pI between 4-8

•  Rapid removal  and exchange of free detergent micelles in 10 min
•  Generate concentrated protein free of detergent micelles
•  Only requires a microfuge for use


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  Proteus Detergent Anion  Exchange Mini  Trial Pack

2 mg



  Proteus Detergent Anion  Exchange Mini Kit

2 mg




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