About Us

LeTap Bio-Solutions


Is an Australian owned & operated bio-technology company involved in the development and distribution of niche products into the Australia and New Zealand technology markets.

LeTap Bio-Solutions has specific focus in the Protein markets and also the Hemostasis markets. The Company has key partnership with UK based Protein Ark and DSRV/ Life Diagnostics in the USA.


LeTap Bio-Solutions' headquarters is located in Sydney, it is an Australian based and operated company dedicated to the innovation and supply of scientifc products and services.


Our team provides scientists and clinicians with a wide range of products and services for the Life science and protein markets. LeTap Bio-Solutions’ extensive capabilities include commercializing reagents and kits and providing contract research services to organizations worldwide. Our many labs, offices, and business partners enable LeTap Bio-Solutions to extend its products and services to its customer base around the region.


In order to reach our broad range of customers, LeTap Bio-Solutions has put together an industry leading team. LeTap Bio-Solutions’ excellent management has propelled its relations to become strategic partners and preferred suppliers of many multi-national corporations and higher institutions.


Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers with reliable products, comprehensive support and consistent inventory availability. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit and we guarantee premium quality products and services.