Chromatography - Columns and Kits

Protein Ark offers a range of chromatography columns suitable for protein purification; from empty FliQ FPLC columns (1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml & 20 ml), pre-packed HiFliQ FPLC columns (1 ml & 5 ml) to batch incubation spin columns and Proteus pre-packed spin column kits. With over 25 years chromatography experience, we have laboratory columns to suit all your protein purification needs.

  • Our Proteus mini purification spin columns designed for small scale protein purifications such as expression trails, solubility tests and screening.
  • The Proteus 1-Step Batch spin columns are designed for sample volumes from 0.6 to 20ml. Simply batch mix your filtered or unclarified sample with one of our affinity resins, then wash and elute your purified and concentrated protein using a centrifuge.


  • The Proteus purification spin column kits for affinity purification of His-tagged proteins (Ni-IMAC) and antibodies (Protein A and G). Supplied with high affinity single step spin columns and desalting/buffer exchange columns which contain a unique flow regulator that imparts flow rate control during the centrifugation step. All supplied with ready-to-use buffers. Available in mini (up to 650 μl sample) and midi (up to 20 ml sample) formats.
  • The Proteus FliQ FPLC columns designed for 1 to 20ml resin volume with simple packing procedure and universal 10-32 UNF threads compatible with all standard chromatography instruments (including GE Healthcare’s AKTA systems).
  • Proteus 1ml and 5 ml HiFliQ FPLC columns are designed for effortless purification of recombinant proteins and antibodies. These columns are pre-packed with exceptional high performance resins eg Ni-NTA agarose, Co-NTA agarose, Glutatione Agarose, Protein A Agarose and Protein G Agarose to ensure robust and reliable separation each and every time.