Quick Coomassie Stain- 3 Litres.

Product Code : GEN-QC-STAIN-3L

Brand : Protein Ark

Price: $ 735.00

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Quick Coomassie Stain

Protein Ark's Quick Coomassie protein stain offers unrivalled performance up to 50 times more sensitive than other rapid stains. Simply immerse the gel in stain (25 ml for standard mini gels) for a minimum of 1 hour before storing in DI water. No organic solvents, no phosphoric acid, and no cloudy precipitants.


Rapid staining - Protein bands appear after minutes - Fully stained after 1 hour

Highly sensitive - 5 ng bands resolved

Accurate protein quantification - Low background - Linear staining range

Re-useable - Up to 3 times  Storage - 1 year at 2-8⁰C


15 min non-toxic safe 1-step stain. No organic solvents and No phosphoric acid.


50 x more sensitive than other rapid stains. Lower limit is 5 ng protein standard.


Very low background enabling accurate quantitation of proteins.


Sharp protein bands that you would expect with traditional Coomassie staining.


Re-usable up to 3 times! Also MS compatible.


1 year at Room Temperature.  No precipitate forms over time so no shaking required!

Simple 1-step Protocol:

Remove the gel from the cassette and place gel into container.
Cover gel with 25 ml QC stain and leave for minimum 15 minutes or until all weak protein bands are fully developed.
Store the gel in the QC stain overnight. Then, either leave in QC stain or transfer to DI water for gel storage.

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